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Accelerated Reader

A New Experience

A New AR Experience



For the 2013-2014 school year, Accelerated Reader Enterprise will be transformed in a big way to help you further differentiate the reading practice experience, with differing content and features aligned to the needs of students in different grades.

Coming in Fall 2013: Meet with an AR representative to be walked through the new AR functions.

College Career and Readiness Report



College Career and Readiness Report allows teachers to examine students’ fiction and non-fiction reading practice. This report gives you a student-by-student look at reading practice data, with expectations defined by the Common Core State Standards. You’ll know immediately who is on track to tackle college and career texts, and who isn’t, so you can take steps to intervene.

Grade-Differentiated Versions



K–3 early readers will see a simplified, child-friendly design. New quizzes featuring just three questions, each with a Recorded Voice Quiz, will open up quizzing on shorter books. Students in grades 4–8 will experience the new interface with more graphic, intuitive displays. High school students will also have Vocabulary Practice Quizzes and a social media component.

Teacher Dashboard



The Renaissance Place Dashboard provides immediate access to the most important information you need to guide your school or district implementation without requiring extra effort on your part. Now, with just a quick glance, teachers and administrators can gauge the fidelity of the implementation.

Student Results



After taking a quiz, students get instant feedback via the Results Screen to keep them motivated and aware of their progress. Though recent standards emphasize a need for increased text complexity, they also stress the benefits that come with building rewarding experiences into students’ reading practice.

An Emphasis on Vocabulary



Vocabulary is more prominent and accessible with the new AR interface. When selecting a book, student can access vocabulary definitions and pronunciation. After a quiz, students can take a vocabulary quiz on the selected book.

Teacher Tools


The New AR

Video of the new AR interface and features

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AR Teacher Tips

AR teacher website with tools and tips

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College Career and Readiness

How to use the report


AR Helps Common Core

How AR helps meet the new CCSS


Tips for Integration

Tips to integrating AR with CCSS


AR and Common Core

Matching AR text complexity to CCSS


Free AR Apps

Apps for the iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®