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Your School Attendance Clerk, Teacher, or Principal


Shanna Foster

Administrative Assistant 

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Wendy Mayea

Assistant Director

(805) 306-4500 Ext. 4310


SARB Links

Video from Attorney General Kamala D. Harris focuses on reducing elementary school truancy. Wealth of statistics shown here.


VCOE Handbook. (To be uploaded) State Handbook highlighting the importance of reducing chronic absenteeism (> 10% days absent) and truant (> or = 3 unexcused absences or tardies > 30 minutes) and purposes of this problem solving approach.


Excessive Excused Absences After 12 notices parents have excused their student, a doctors' note is required for each subsequent absences. SI&A sends notifications home for the purpose of reminding parents of the duty and importance of daily school attendance.


Truancy Notices Up to three truancy notices may be sent to families of students who have three or more unexcused absences. The purpose of these letters is to improve student attendance, which ultimately improves school success.

Positive School Attendance


Attendance Counts!

With the statewide focus on increasing student learning time, there are many resources available to parents and schools for improving school attendance. Resources recommend from the California Department of Education Include:

Handouts for Parents (multiple languages)

Taking Action - Families & Family Organizations

Student Attendance Improvement Handbook and Every Student Every Day. These links contains research information on the importance of attendance to student learning.

California Department of Education: Child Welfare & Attendance

Positive Attendance is Essential Through the Holidays!


Positive, daily attendance is essential for student learning and correlates with student success. Missing school equates to missed learning opportunities. Positive school attendance also equates to being able to fund the highest quality education for all students while absences hurt our schools by decreasing state revenues we rely on to provide the highest quality education. 


Simi Valley Schools believe that school connectedness is the essential element in keeping kids engaged in school, interested in learning, and attending on difficult days. Thus, most of our efforts in our elementary and secondary programs is to connect our students to our school staff and programs by providing all schools as schools of choice, focusing on positive, connected relationships within a school, and meeting students individual challenges to address them.


In addition to this work, Simi Valley Schools is served by School Innovations and Advocacy, to connect with students who are most "at risk" of failure or dropping out as demonstrated by poor attendance, in as early as elementary school. This service notifies families, via letter, when their student is demonstrating poor attendance and truancy.


Letters include the following:


Excessive Excused Absence letters notify a parent, up to two times, when a child has more than 12 excused absences within a school year. After 12 absences, the State of California, requires a doctor's note with each illness excuse. Other valid excuses are also recognized and identified in the Education Code. 


Truancy notices are generated when a student has 3 or more unverified absence or an excuse which is not considered valid. Truancy can result when a parent does not notify the school of a valid excuse. The state of California does not recognize vacation, transportation "emergencies", or funerals more than three days when out-of-state.  Upon the second Notice of Truancy, school staff connect with families to help:

  • Identify the reason or problem interfering with attendance to problem solve
  • Offer assistance to families for improving attendance, which includes a School Attendance Review Team (SART) Meeting
  • Closely monitor the students' attendance for improvement


School Attendance Review Board (SARB). Upon the third and final Notice of Truancy, both parents and the student are at risk of a SARB Meeting. These meetings include a variety of community resource leaders and are held at the Simi Valley Police Department. At the SARB, both the parent and student may receive a citation or arrest at or after the SARB if truancy continues. SARB will also try to provide families with the referrals to community resources who can support positive attendance, every day. Truancy citations come with a fine and charge to parent, student or both, if measures taken after the second notification do not resolve the attendance problem and for which there is not valid excuses per the California Education Code.


Should you have specific questions about your child, contact your school site principal. For general questions about our Excessive Excused Absence, Truancy Notices, or SART/SARB, contact Wendy Mayea, Assistant Director Student Support via e-mail or at (805) 306-4500 x4310. 



On July 25, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 1593 which makes a student’s attendance at a naturalization ceremony an excused absence. 

On Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy

“The old saying is true: a big part of success is showing up. To learn in school, children need to be in school and to stay in school,” “Poor attendance leads to poor work, poor grades-and eventually poor career prospects. Regular attendance is essential for success in school and in life.” - Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Focus on Attendance

In 2018-19, Simi Schools continues to focus on increasing student learning by increasing time spent in school. Results demonstrate decreases in chronic and excused absences improve student learning. Our partnership with Panorama Education and creative strategies employed at our schools is helping us do just this - but we also need our families to be a part of this action.We recognize the challenges our students and community face so it's ever more important to keep the focus on student success through positive daily attendance, as well as communicating the need for extra support when a specific need arises. We look forward to serving you and your student every day in our schools!


Crestview Promotes Attendance

In 2016-2017, Crestview Elementary begins two new programs to boost student attendance, reduce tardies, and reduce early checkouts. First, is the Yoga program you see here.  Second, the class who wears the most spirit wear on Fridays,
visits a treasure chest at the end of the school day for a prize. These positive interventions are making at difference in student attendance and connectedness - ultimately bolstering student learning!

Win a Car for Good Attendance!

Thank you Simi Chevrolet supporting our positive attendance efforts. Simi Chevrolet's Cool to Be in School campaign represented at public events with carnival games, gift cards, and henna. Additional, one lucky Simi Valley High School student was given a free car ! (This drawing was not affiliated with the Simi Valley Unified School District).

School Connectedness.jpg

Benefits of School Attendance

The University of Chicago finds:

  • Positive attendance is the best indicator of a student’s success.
  • Just 5 days of school missed – excused or unexcused – can dramatically affect a student’s chance for success.
  • High-performing students are affected by absences, not just average and poor-performing students.
  • Positive attendance is a strong predictor of graduation.


In Simi Valley Unified

  • School attendance is best in 1, 2, 3, & 11th grades, with the least excused absences.
  • Students' chronic absences are highest in pre-school and 12th grades.
  • Overall attendance was 95.57% in 2015-2016 and 95.80% in 2014-2015. 
  • For every 1% of absence (less than 2 days per year), students loose $1 million in programs, services, and materials. More importantly, they loose the opportunities for learning with being in school.
  • Our next step in SVUSD, is to reward and acknowledge students with positive attendance.

From the State SARB Handbook

Chronic absence in kindergarten predicts chronic absence the following year, setting a potential detrimental habit of poor attendance. Research also shows that students who are chronically absent in kindergarten and 1st grade are far less likely to read proficiently by 3rd grade.