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By Trustee Areas by School

Area A

Atherwood Elementary School
Big Springs Elementary School
Township Elementary School
Valley View Middle School

Area B

Arroyo Elementary School
Madera Elementary School
Monte Vista School*
Park View Elementary School
Royal High School
Sinaloa Middle School

Area C

Crestview Elementary School
Hillside Middle School
Hollow Hills Elementary School*
Mountain View Elementary School
Wood Ranch Elementary School

Area D

Apollo High School*
Berylwood Elementary School
Garden Grove Elementary School
Justin Early Learners Academy*
Santa Susana High School*
Simi Institute of Careers & Education*
Sycamore Elementary School
Vista Elementary School*

Area E

Katherine Elementary School
Knolls Elementary School
Santa Susana Elementary School
Simi Valley High School
White Oak Elementary School

*These schools are not neighborhood schools. They draw students from throughout the District.


Notice of Election: County of Ventura


Current Board Members

Area A: Bob LaBelle
Area B: Kareem Jubran
Area C: Dan White
Area D: Scott Blough
Area E: Dawn Smollen

For information on filing for candidacy for the Simi Valley Unified School District School Board for the General Election that will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 use the link below.

By Trustee Election Areas Map