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video.pngKhan Academy video.

exercises.pngKhan Academy exercise.

4 Indicates the other grade level(s) where a video or exercise may also be used.

B Indicates the best fit for the video/exercise within the same grade level. 

Grade 4

1.3, 1.5 Angles, Triangles, Quadrangles

video.pngAngle Basics 3,5 

video.pngQuadrilateral Overview 3

video.pngQuadrilateral Properties 2,3,6 

exercises.pngQuadrilateral Types 3,6

2.3 Place Value

video.pngPlace Value 2 3                                                    

video.pngPlace Value 3 3                                                              

exercises.pngPlace Value 3                 

2.5, 2.6 Organizing Data, The Median

video.pngExample: Finding Mean, Median, and Mode 3,5,6

exercises.pngMean, Median, and Mode 3,5,6

2.8 Data with a Bar Graph

video.pngReading Bar Graphs 2,3,6  

exercises.pngReading Bar Charts 1 2,3,6

exercises.pngCreating Bar Charts 1 2,3               

exercises.pngReading Bar Charts 2 6

3.2 Multiplication Facts

video.pngExample: Ways to Represent Multiplication 2

video.pngIdentity Property of 1 6                      

video.pngFinding Factors of a Number 3     

exercises.pngProperties of Numbers 1 3             

3.8  Solving Number Stories

video.pngSubtraction Word Problem

exercises.pngAddition and Subt Word Probs 2,3

3.11 Open Sentences

video.pngWhat Is a Variable?


4.3 Comparing and Ordering Decimals

video.pngComparing Decimals 3                     


4.5 Decimal Addition and Subtraction

video.pngAdding Decimals 5,6

video.pngSubtracting Decimals 5,6


exercises.pngAdding Decimals 0.5

exercises.pngAdding Decimals

exercises.pngAdding Decimals 2 5,6      

exercises.pngSubtracting Decimals 0.5

exercises.pngSubtracting Decimals 5,6            

5.6 Partial-Products Multiplication: Part 2

video.png2-Digit Times a 2-Digit Number 3

video.pngExample: 2-Digit Times 2-Digit 3


5.7 Lattice Multiplication

video.pngLattice Multiplication 3,5

video.pngWhy Lattice Multiplication Works 3,5


6.8, 6.9 Coordinate Grids


exercises.pngGraphing Points 3,5

7.1 Review of Basic Fraction Concepts

video.pngEquivalent Fractions 3


7.7 Equivalent Fractions 

video.pngEquivalent Fractions Example

exercises.pngEquivalent Fractions 2 3                                

7.8 Fractions and Decimals


exercises.pngConvert Decimals to Fractions 1 4B

8.5 Formula for the Area of a Rectangle

video.pngArea and Perimeter 3

exercises.pngArea 1 5

exercises.pngArea of Squares and Rectangles 5

8.6 Formula for the Area of a Parallelogram

video.pngArea of a Parallelogram 5,6

exercises.pngArea of Parallelograms 5,6

8.7 Formula for the Area of a Triangle

video.pngTriangle Area Proofs 5,6

exercises.pngArea of Triangles 5,6

9.2 Converting “Easy” Fractions to Decimals and Percents

video.pngTaking Percentages 6

exercises.pngConvert Decimals to Fractions 1 4B

9.7 Comparing Population Data


exercises.pngReading Tables 1 4,5

exercises.pngReading Tables 2 4,5

10.4 Line Symmetry


exercises.pngAxis of Symmetry 2,3

10.6 Positive and Negative Numbers

video.pngAdding/Subtracting Negative Numbers 4B,5,6

video.pngNegative Numbers Introduction 3


11.6 Subtraction of Positive and Negative Numbers

video.pngAdding/Subtracting Negative Numbers 4,5,6


11.7 Capacity and Weight

video.pngConverting Gallons to Quarts, Pints, and Cups 2,6


12.2, 12.3 Solving Rate Problems, Converting Between Rates

video.pngFinding Unit Rates 5,6                                               

exercises.pngRate Problems 0.5

12.5 Comparison Shopping: Part 2

video.pngRounding Decimals 4,5