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By-Trustee Election Areas and Information

Current SVUSD Board Members

Area A: Bob LaBelle, President of the Board (up in 2024)
Area B: Kareem Jubran (up in 2024)
Area C: Dr. Sofya Bagdasaryan, (up in 2024)
Area D: Kristina Pine, Clerk of the Board (up in 2026)
Area E: Dawn Smollen (up in 2026)

PDF Version of the By-Trustee Election Area Map Shown Below

By Trustee Areas by School

Area A

Atherwood Elementary School
Big Springs Elementary School
Township Elementary School
Valley View Middle School

Area B

Arroyo Elementary School
Madera Elementary School
Monte Vista School*
Park View Elementary School
Royal High School
Sinaloa Middle School

Area C

Crestview Elementary School
Hillside Middle School
Hollow Hills Elementary School*
Mountain View Elementary School
Wood Ranch Elementary School

Area D

Apollo High School*
Berylwood Elementary School
Garden Grove Elementary School
Justin Early Learners Academy*
Santa Susana High School*
Simi Institute of Careers & Education*
Sycamore Elementary School
Vista Elementary School*

Area E

Katherine Elementary School
Knolls Elementary School
Santa Susana Elementary School
Simi Valley High School
White Oak Elementary School

*These schools are not neighborhood schools. They draw students from throughout the District.

By Trustee Election Areas Map