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Schools & Programs *

The Department of Schools & Programs oversees all 28 SVUSD schools and related educational programs including program grants, Career-Technical Education (CTE) Pathways, interdistrict permits, English learners, early childhood programs, school safety plans, dual language immersion, Title IX, Williams reports, school accountability, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), elementary education, secondary education and instructional services. The Department of Schools & Programs is managed by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jerry Block. His assistant is Mrs. Janice Osborne


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Schools & Programs Contacts

Dr. Jerry Block
Assistant Superintendent of Schools & Programs
Extension 4201

Janice Osborne
Senior Administrative Assistant to Dr. Block
Extension 4205

Erin Taggart
Director of Elementary Education
Extension 4203

Breanna Loniero
Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Taggart
Extension 4207

Matthew Guzzo
Director of Secondary Education
Extension 4202

Robbin MacLean
Administrative Assistant to Mr. Guzzo
Extension 4206

April Jacobsen
Assistant Director of Early and Expanded Learning
Extension 4272

Dr. Naomi Cortez
Coordinator of Categorical Programs
Extension 4209

Dr. Jason Messinger
Coordinator of Educational Technology
Extension 4210

Jake Finch
Coordinator of Public Relations & Resource Development
Extension 4006

Jennifer Wigdor
TUPE/Naviance Counselor
Extension 4318

Kelli Sparks
Elementary Counselor
Extension 6448

Caitlyn Bills
Elementary Counselor
Extension 4223

Laura Doyan
Elementary Counselor
Extension 3044

Fabiola Cano
Elementary Counselor
Extension 3557

Fernando Castro
Elementary Counselor
Extension 3425

Heidi Valdez
Elementary Counselor
Extension 3608

Alicia Rojas
Elementary Counselor
Extension 6225

Kelsey Koberling
TOSA, Categorical Programs

Ariana Flynn
Administrative Asst. II-ELD/ELPAC
Extension 4222

Suzanne Katz
Senior Accounting Tech
Extension 4213

Lana Katzmann
Accounting Tech

Elizabeth Camacho 
Spanish Translator/Interpreter
Extension 4219