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Dual Language Immersion *

young girl writing in multiple languages

Dual Language Immersion is a well-established instructional approach for young students to learn their grade-level academic content while also becoming fluent in English and Spanish.

A foundational principle of the program is the cross-cultural immersion for all students. With their families’ high-level of involvement, students share each other’s customs, traditions and values.

A dual language immersion program takes native English-speaking students and native Spanish-speaking students and teaches them in both languages. This is done through the close collaboration of bilingual teachers who cover all subjects together. Ultimately, students will achieve fluency in both languages.

The Dual Language Academy will launch in the 2024-2025 school year at Arroyo Elementary School. Starting with Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten, a new grade level will be added each year to follow until all grades at Arroyo Elementary School are dual language.

Currently we are seeking  prospective students who are  native English speakers and native Spanish speakers. Families will complete an interest form and prospective students will be assessed for their language proficiency in their native language.

For more information about the Dual Language Academy at Arroyo Elementary School, please email Ms. April Jacobsen at