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Benefits Manager

Gabrielle Leon
805.306.4500 Ext. 4015  


Mandated Notices

Marketplace Exchange Notice

SISC HIPAA-Notice-of-Privacy-Practices


Summary of Benefits and Coverage Notice

Universal Availability Notice


The District will be having a Flu Clinic with Costco on Friday September 29th 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. The clinic will be held at the District Office in the Training Center.


Healthcare Resources

SISC Anthem Blue Cross Find Care

SISC Anthem HMO Medical Groups (PDF)

SISC Anthem HMO Provider Directory (PDF)

Navitus Customer Care 24-7 (PDF)

Anthem Blue Distinction Plus (PDF)

SISC VIDA: Anthem Blue Cross Members (PDF)

SISC Hinge Health Program for Anthem PPO Members (PDF)

Maven Maternity and Postpartum Support (PDF)

Enhanced Cancer for Anthem PPO Members (PDF)

Teladoc Medical Experts FAQ (PDF)

Teladoc Medical Experts (PDF)

SISC Pharmacy Benefit Manager: Navitus Health Solutions for Anthem Blue Cross (PDF)

SISC/Kaiser Members

Kaiser Hearing Aid Benefit Information (PDF)

Kaiser Total Health Assessment (PDF)

Kaiser: Getting Care Away from Home (PDF)

Kaiser: Explore healthy resources (PDF)

Insurance Enrollment  Forms

SISC KAISER/Delta Dental Enrollment Form (PDF) 

SISC Anthem Blue Cross      HMO/PPO & Delta Dental Enrollment Form (PDF) 

VSP Enrollment Form  (PDF) 

Reliance Standard Beneficiary Form (PDF)

2023 Full-Time Monthly Employee Premium Contribution Rates

Health & Welfare            Compensation                    Comparison for Full-Time Employees Jan. 2022-Sept. 2022

2023 Part-Time Monthly Employee Contribution for Classified 20 hr/week-30 hr/week

Health & Welfare          Compensation                Comparison for Part-Time Employees Jan. 2022-Sept. 2022

Spouse/Domestic Partner Medical Coverage Verification

Anthem Blue Cross Disabled Dependent Certification

Costco Mail Order: Anthem Blue Cross

Kaiser Medical Reimbursement 

Monthly Employee Premium Contributions Pre-Tax Election

Fitness Resources


Anytime Fitness (PDF)

YMCA Membership (PDF)

Crunch Gym (PDF)

Planet Fitness Month-to-Month Offer (PDF)

Planet Fitness Paid In Full Offer (PDF)

Time Well Spent for Workplace Wellness (PDF)

SISC: Active & Fit Direct

Active & Fit Exercise: Anthem Members (PDF)

Kaiser Active & Fit Exercise (PDF)

Health insurance illustration

SISC Health 

Anthem SISC/CA


SISC/Anthem Employee Assistance Program

Click here to schedule a meeting with American Fidelity

Delta Dental Provider Locator

2023-2024 SISC Plan Documents


  • Anthem Blue Cross of California
  • (800) 825-5541
  • Navitus- Pharmacy Benefits Manager for Anthem BC Members
    (866) 333-2757 
  • Kaiser Permanente
    (800) 464-4000
  • Anthem Blue Cross TelaDoc Medical Experts
    (800) 835-2362

2022-2023 SISC Plan Documents 

80-20 SBC Oct. 2022-Sept. 2023 (PDF)

90-10 SBC Oct. 2022-Sept. 2023 (PDF)

Full HMO SBC Oct. 2022-Sept. 2023 (PDF) 

Select HMO SBC Oct. 2022-Sept. 2023 (PDF) 

Kaiser SBC Oct. 2022-Sept. 2023 (PDF) 

SISC/Anthem Provider Finder

SISC/Anthem Plan Information

SISC Pharmacy Benefit Manager: Navitus Health Solutions for Anthem Blue Cross (PDF)

SISC Kaiser Permanente

Universal Availability: Mandatory Notice

As an employee of the Simi Valley Unified School District, you are eligible to participate in the District’s 403(b) and 457(b) voluntary retirement plans. Per Universal Availability requirements mandated by the IRS, we are required to inform you of your eligibility to participate in these retirement plans.

Why Participate? 

While you may receive a pension from either STRS or PERS upon your retirement, your pension may not be 100% of the income you’re making now. The difference between what you’re making now and what you need during your retirement years is called the income gap. These supplemental retirement plans can help you reduce or eliminate your retirement income gap.


How and When Can I Participate?

Unlike other employee benefits, supplemental retirement plans are open for enrollment all year long. You can start, stop or change your elective deferrals at any time throughout the year. Our third-party plan administrator, Tax-Deferred Solutions, assists us in offering our employees an effective opportunity to participate by providing you with free educational resources and information regarding the district’s benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions – All Questions are Welcome!

  • I’m not sure how my plan works?
  • What’s the difference between 403(b), 457(b),  and Roth accounts?
  • How do I start a contribution?
  • What are the 2022 contribution limits? Do I qualify for a catch-up contribution?
  • What investment providers are authorized under the district’s plan?
  • I’m already participating, can I get an audit of my current 403(b) or 457(b) contributions?
  • Can you assist me with my total financial well-being? 


The best part about asking for more information is that any questions you have can be handled over the phone when it’s convenient for you! Request more information or, schedule a time to speak with a Benefits Counselor.