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Salary Schedules

Below is a listing of the Simi Valley Unified School District's Classified, Confidential & Management Salary Schedules.

The list is provided for reference and informational purposes only. The SVUSD does not guarantee that the list is the latest or most recent version, that every job classification in the District is represented hereon, or that every listed job classification is actively used by the District:

2022-2023 Classified Salary Schedule (PDF)

2022-2023 Classified Salary Schedule by Job Class (PDF)

2022-2023 Conf and Mgt Salary Schedule (PDF)

2022-2023 Conf and Mgt Salary Schedule by Job Class (PDF)

2022-2023 Campus Supervisor Salary Schedule (PDF)

MOU 2019-2020 Off Schedule Bonus.pdf (PDF)

2023-2024 Exempt Rates (PDF)

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Classified Personnel Directory

Ginan Henson
Director, Classified Personnel
Ext. 4061

Irma Flynn
Senior Administrative Assistant, Confidential
Ext. 4062

Assists in effective operation of the department and Personnel Commission and coordinates logistics for selection interviews.

Elaheh "Ellie" Hossain
Human Resources Rep. Systems & Information
Ext. 4063

Position Control. Responsible for PERS questions, processing reassignments, employee leaves and retirements, limited term assignments, extra duty hours and summer school assignments.

Shira Yerushalmi
Human Resources Analyst
Ext. 4064

Job classification and compensation analysis. Examination development and validation.

Marissa Jenson
Human Resources Specialist
Ext. 4065

Recruitment and examinations. Job postings. Job Fairs/Marketing.

Sasha Wade
Human Resources Technician
Ext. 4067

New employee processing - permanent and substitute employees, employment verifications, and Frontline (previously Sub Finder)

Debbie Schott
Human Resources Asst. II
Ext. 4066

New employee processing - exempt and substitute employees, new employee orientations