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Superintendent's Office

Dr. Hani Youssef
District Superintendent
Extension 4002

Tania Bishop
Executive Assistant

Extension 4002

Jake Finch
Public Information Officer
Public Relations/Resource Development Coordinator

Extension 4006

Kayla Santa Maria Holt
District Receptionist
Extension 4003

Dear Simi Valley Schools Families:

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!

For those who may not know me, for the last seven years, I served as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, which means I oversaw the instruction, curriculum, assessment, and discipline at our 28 schools. I have come to sincerely love our schools, staff, students, and families over these years. We have the most amazing community and I am grateful every day to have found my second home at Simi Valley Schools.

The last couple of years have been constantly challenging for all of us. Even on the worst days, I never saw our staff waiver from their commitment to our students. This is what makes me most proud and excited to lead our school district in the coming years, to know that I am surrounded by a superior level of excellence every day, and that our students get to benefit fully from the professionalism, innovation, and compassion our staff offers to them.

Our goal now is to continue to build upon and improve the legacy left by Dr. Jason Peplinski in his eight years as District Superintendent. We will do this by addressing the needs of every child coming to us; by providing safe and welcoming schools in which they can learn; by offering excellent instruction in all of their subject areas and levels; and surrounding our students with the social-emotional resources to support their engaged participation in their educational experiences.

In simpler words, (and these are words that I say to our staff daily): Our mission is to support ALL students with becoming the best potential versions of themselves.

Everything we do at SVUSD circles back to this mission.

Students do not succeed on their own; their success is never accidental, or a matter of chance. Student success comes when we provide them with high-quality educational opportunities, in and out of the classroom. These opportunities are vital to developing well-rounded individuals, what I call the “Whole Student.”

Yet we know that we will only succeed when we – all of the shareholders in our community, (students, staff, families and neighbors) – work together as partners to continually make students our number one priority. My experience tells me that to advance and make improvements in student achievement and satisfaction we must function in partnership with our families and our community. Only then can we produce superior results at every level with our students.

Simi Valley Schools has become a leader in education in many areas across our county, state, and nation. Getting here is credited to the hard work of all shareholders. Our schools provide our students with amazing places to learn and grow because of our collective efforts as partners to ensure student connectedness and prosperity. If past performance is an indicator of future performance, we can expect more great things to come for our schools and students.

As your Superintendent, I am most excited for the challenges and responsibilities we will face together. My core values of integrity, accountability, relationship-building, and creativity allow me to lead with passion and purpose. I know that I am not alone on this journey. My staff and I, we serve you, our families, students and community.

I look forward to working alongside you in our partnership as we continue to support all students.    

Dr. Hani Youssef

Dr. Hani Youssef, Superintendent

Dr. Hani Youssef