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Lunchpick up at Santa Susana

Meal Prices

Meal charges are based on the student’s eligibility. Eligibility is determined based on household size, income level, and/or participation in other social programs. The charges are:

Reduced Meal Prices for Grades TK through 12

Breakfast $.30 (cents)
Lunch $.40 (cents)

Elementary Student Meal Prices

Breakfast $2
Lunch $3

Secondary Student Meal Prices

Breakfast $2.50
Lunch $4

SVUSD Staff Meal Prices

Breakfast $3
Lunch $4.50


Grab-N-Go Meals

Children eating

Dear Simi Valley Schools Families:

The Child Nutrition Department has been hard at work to create a Grab-N-Go meal program that accommodates Virtual Instruction for the start of our 2020-2021 school. This program will remain in place until we are at the point of being able to resume some or all in-person instruction, and we will notify you of any changes that come. 

Grab-N-Go will begin on Monday, August 17, 2020. The attached information sheet provides you with the nine pick-up locations and should answer most of the questions you might have about the program. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW IS THAT THIS IS A VARIATION OF OUR NORMAL SCHOOL-YEAR MEAL PROGRAM, which means that only those students who qualify for free-and-reduced lunch will receive their meals for free. For all other students, there is a small charge for breakfast and/or lunch, and families will need to preload their child's MySchoolBucks account to pay for meals. Even if you have not qualified for free-and-reduced lunch in the past, we urge all families with any changes in their financial or work circumstances to submit an application. (Details are provided on the attached information sheet.) If your family qualified for free-and-reduced lunch last year, you will have 30 days (September 16) to submit a new application. If you do not submit a new application within the 30-day window, you will be charged for meals until an application is submitted and approved. 

Thank you for your support over these challenging months. We were excited by how many children we served over the Spring and Summer and we cannot wait to serve you again this year.


Ms. Ryan Comerford
Director of Child Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

Will meals be offered to everyone?
Meals will only be provided to current students enrolled in the Simi Valley Unified School District. SVUSD staff may also purchase meals but will need to call the Child Nutrition Department to set up a meal account. Meal service will be provided as a “grab & go” model. We will only accept cash or checks at one site, Hillside Middle. If you need to use cash/checks, please pick up from this site. Otherwise, meals will be charged to the individual’s account.

How can I put money on my student’s account?
My School Bucks is the online platform we use to link payments to our POS software. Parents may make payments from their debit/credit and/or checking account to their student’s lunch account. Access My School Bucks at: There is also a link on each school’s website for My School Bucks.

For those who want to make cash and check payments to their student’s account: The District Office can receive cash payments. The address is 101 West Cochran Street. We have a payment drop box in the foyer, please put your payment in the envelopes provided and complete the information on the front. Payments will be processed the next business day.

How can I qualify for free or reduced-price meals?
Meal applications are available online at the Child Nutrition Department’s website and in paper form at school sites. Once submitted, we will process your application within 10 business days and send notification letters to your home. More information can also be found at

I am unable to pick up meals for medical or other reasons. Can meals be delivered to us?
The Child Nutrition Department will offer home deliveries on a “first come, first serve basis” daily to families with medical or other issues that prevent them from picking up lunch. Initially, we will only extend this to the first 50 requests. Once a baseline of home-delivery need is established, we will re-evaluate if more staffing is needed to accommodate these requests. Parents must request home delivery one of two ways:

1. Complete and email the home delivery form to A parent signature will be required to process.

2. Requests may be placed over the phone to 805-306-4500, Extension 4703. A parent must call on behalf of their child in order to process.

Requests must be received prior to 9 a.m. daily. Late requests will not be accepted.

Are walk-ups allowed?
Yes, walk-ups are allowed to pick up meals. Please make sure to follow physical distancing guidelines and wear a mask.

Does my child need to be present?
Parents do not need to bring their child; they may pick up for them. Please make sure you have your child’s student identification number with you to process the purchase.

What information do I need to pick up a meal for my child?
You will need your child’s student identification number and their school.

What meals will be provided?
Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the same time. At the time of service, we will ask if you want both meals or just one.

Will a menu be available?
Yes! The Child Nutrition Department is transitioning to paperless menus. Menus can be viewed on the Child Nutrition website, at:

Will a la carte items be available for purchase?
Yes, the following items will be available for purchase in addition to meals:

IZZE Sparkling Juice
Reduced Fat Nacho Cheese Doritos
Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies

***Cash payments for meals on the spot will only be accepted at Hillside Middle School. Please be sure to add funds to your student’s account for these items. If the account is in negative standing, we will not authorize the purchase.***

Will the current meal charge policy still be in effect?
Yes, the legislation found in SB250 will still be followed. If any student picks up a meal, we will not deny them based on their ability to pay, regardless of their eligibility status. This does not include a la carte items. Parents of students with negative balances are still required to pay off the debt. Please see the SVUSD Meal Policy for more detail.

Can meals be picked up at any location?
Yes, your student may pick up meals at any of the nine (9) distribution locations, regardless of their grade or site enrollment.

For additional questions, please contact the Child Nutrition Department at 805-306-4500, Extension 4702. More information can also be found at

Times & Locations

Grab-N-Go Meals will be served at nine schools (list below) at the following times:

11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Tuesday to Friday
10:30 to 11:45 a.m.


Arroyo Elementary School
225 Ulysses Street

Berylwood Elementary School
2300 Heywood Street

Hillside Middle School
2222 Fitzgerald Road

Katherine Elementary School
5455 Katherine Street

Park View Elementary School
1500 Alexander Street

Sinaloa Middle School
601 Royal Avenue

Santa Susana High School
3570 East Cochran Street

Simi Valley High School
5400 Cochran Street

Valley View Middle School
3347 Tapo Street

Click the image below to download a PDF of the Breakfast and Lunch menus.