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What is School of Choice?


Students are able to choose to attend a school focused on his/her area of interest by applying and being accepted to one of our schools of choice. For details, click on Schools of Choice.

Pathways, Connected Learning Programs & School of Choice


Questions and Answers

What is a Connected Learning Program?


Connected learning programs support students interests from elementary, to middle, and through high school in certain areas of interest. Parents and students interested in a connected learning program can choose to attend at any point in a child's schooling. Programs include

 Foreign Language, Academic & Global Studies

Arroyo Elementary, Sinaloa Middle, & Royal High School

Health Science & Medical Technology

Katherine Elementary, Valley View Middle, & Simi Valley High School

Creative Arts, Technology, & Science

Crestview Elementary, Hillside Middle, & Santa Susana High School

Schools of Choice

By connecting your child with a school focused in your child's natural interest, he/she is more engaged in school. Ultimately, student choice supports their success. While all SVUSD schools run great programs, Pathways at the high school level and Connect Learning Programs (elementary, middle, and high schools) are able to engage students in the career-connected field they enjoy most or have already demonstrated interest.