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Britannica Digital Library

(click on image above to access Britannica Resource Library)
Username: simivalley

Password: svusd

*Username and Password are only required when

accessing Britannica from outside an SVUSD campus


For Spanish access, click here


Each school site has it's own link and login information:

Hillside Middle School Link   Password: hillside

Sinaloa Middle School Link    Password: sinaloa

Valley View Middle School Link    Password: valley

Royal High School Link    Password: royal

Santa Susana High School Link    Password: santa

Simi Valley High School Link    Password: simi28223


(click on image above to access ProQuest database)

Username: 2CSJQK3UZR

Password: Z?YD6?Js

*Username and Password are only required when

accessing ProQuest from outside an SVUSD campus


Use this link and the username/password above to gain access to all of the following:

ProQuest Research Companion


SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Knowledge Source


TeachingBooks Access Points