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Workshops Archives

The Simi Valley Unified School District presents free parent information workshops throughout the school year. These workshops include information on student wellness, financial aid opportunities, current issues such as vaping and tobacco use, and more. Workshops are announced through email and app notifications, and recordings of past workshops are archived here for future reference. 

Vaping Prevention Workshop

Held on February 21, 2024

Financial Aid Workshop: How-To Complete the New FAFSA Form

Held on February 6, 2024

Family Workshop: Understanding and Supporting Teen Anxiety

Held on January 25, 2024

Family Workshop: Understanding and Supporting Child Anxiety

Held on January 22, 2024

College Week: Submitting Your CSU Application

Held on October 26, 2023

College Week: The UC College Application

Held on October 25, 2023

College Week: From Stress to Success

Held on October 24, 2023

Vaping Workshop

Held on January 18, 2023

Held on January 18, 2023 on Zoom, this Family Workshop features experts from the Simi Valley Police Department, Simi Valley Schools and BRITE, a tobacco prevention organization.

Family Workshop: How To Get Through College Debt-Free

Held on November 30, 2022

Author and Academic Strategist Jeanne Burlowski shares her techniques and tips to get through college debt-free. There are several resources referred to within her workshop. The links are as follows:

1. A free 34-minute video training on how to write one scholarship application essay, and use it over and over again.

2. One and half million places to look for scholarships.

3. Free, fast-paced 10-minute video training on how to take the first steps toward getting kids ages 12–18 through college debt-free and into jobs they love afterward.

4. Blog post: Seven reasons to fill out the FAFSA, even if you're rich.

5. Blog post: Your 12th grader has no career direction? Do this right now.

Family Workshop: Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Child

Held on February 8, 2023

Mental Health and Children

Held December 14, 2022

Please use click on this link to access the workshop.

Financial Aid Workshop

Held February 23, 2022

Join our college expert, Heather McKay, as she walks us through the ins and outs of applying for financial aid for college, university or trade school.  

Children & Mental Health

Held February 10, 2022

Brianna Skanderup, a licensed clinical social worker and expert on children’s mental health, talks about:

* What are healthy and expected behaviors for children.
* How to recognize behavioral changes or other signs that indicate your teen may need support.
* What are helpful and supportive ways to talk to your children about mental health.

Social Media & Youth Anxiety

Held December 7, 2021

Jessica Hammond, a clinical expert on youth mental health, provides guidance on how to help manage your child’s anxiety:

* How social media can impact your child’s mental health
* How parents can best limit social media usage
* Coping skills for managing the mental health effects of technology
* How social gaming impacts mental health, and strategies for mitigating its effects

Anxiety in Children

Held September 23, 2021

Jessica Hammond, a clinical expert on youth mental health, provides guidance on how to help manage your child’s anxiety:

* Tackling the academic and back-to-school transition
* Building your child’s confidence through goal-setting, structure and motivational techniques
* Navigating your own anxiety along with your child’s during the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape
* Strategically supporting your teen through social anxiety