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Work Permits

Summer Work Permit Application

During the summer, Summer Work Permit Applications for high school students can be picked up at three high schools, Royal High School, Santa Susana High School, and Simi Valley High School, or downloaded from the link below. If the school is closed or if you attend Apollo High School or Monte Vista School, please submit your application to one of the other high schools.

The application must be filled out legibly and completely before submitting to the student's high school for processing, which can take up to 24 hours. Please follow these instructions carefully to prevent any delays:

  1. The student completes the Student section.
  2. The employer completes the Employers section. It is important that the employer fills their section out completely and prints and signs their name where indicated, and that all information is legible.
  3. The student's parent or legal guardian must sign and date where indicated. 
  4. The completed applications must be returned to the student's current high school (where they are currently enrolled) for processing. If the school is closed or if you attend Apollo High School or Monte Vista School, please submit your application to one of the other high schools. You can call for each school's summer hours.
    1. Royal High School: (805) 306-4875
    2. Santa Susana High School: (805) 520-6800
    3. Simi Valley High School: (805) 577-1400

Work Permit Application B-1.pdf

Important Notice: Out-of-District Student Work Permits

January 6, 2021

In accordance with California Education Code 49110, the Simi Valley Unified School District will no longer issue work permits to students who are not enrolled at Simi Valley Unified School District. This includes students enrolled in private, charter, home school, the High School at Moorpark College, Moorpark College, etc... The California Department of Education no longer recommends that districts issue work permits for non-enrolled students, as we are unable to verify attendance and grade records.

Beginning January 1, 2010 all public and private school principals who self-certify that they understand the laws related to work permits may issue work permits to students enrolled in their schools. The certification process is described in the Work Permit Handbook for California Minors, which can be obtained by request from the California Department of Education at

Students should go to their school of enrollment for work permits. By law, all minors who have not graduated high school should be enrolled in a private, charter, or public school, all of which may issue work permits once they complete the certification process.

Minors are exempt from work permits when the minor has graduated from a high school maintaining a four-year course above the eighth grade (EC Section 49101). Once a minor has graduated, they are no longer considered a minor for employment reasons and do not fall under Child Labor Laws, and therefore do not require a work permit. The only requirement that a California working minor, who is exempt from the work permit requirement, shall follow is the federal requirement to obtain a Certificate of Age. A Certificate of Age is to protect an employer from unwitting violation of the minimum age standards under the Act, section 3(1). In California, the Certificate of Age is provided through the CDE Form Bl-1, by completing the top portion (minor and parental approval) of the work permit application. This form may be located at

Questions: Erle Hall | | 916-323-2564