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Transition Partnership Program

The Transition Partnership Program is new to Simi Valley USD, though it's a project that's been preparing with the Department of Rehabilitation for over a year.

TTP is a federally-funded program to help support our students with special educational needs to transition from academic life to the work environment. It is a complimentary program to the existing (and ongoing) Workability program.


TPP provides:

  • Job Exploration Counseling
  • Work-based learning experiences
  • Post-secondary counseling
  • Work readiness training
  • Self-advocacy training

TPP Participants:

  • Mild to moderate disabilities
  • 16-21 years old (though we are focusing on seniors and students with a certificate of completion)
  • Are enrolled in a recognized education program (including homeschool, vocational training, and alternative high school programs)
  • Have an IEP, a 504 Plan or a disability
  • Students that would benefit from an individualized training experience

Workability vs TPP

While the Workability program has many of the same goals, the TPP program has some unique provisions that fill gaps in the transition to post-high school employment.

TPP  extends vocational rehabilitation services beyond high school for up to 2 years post-high school. TPP is intended to provide additional resources for students that would benefit from a more intensive educational experience that can be provided 'on-location', in a manner that Workability does not. 

Our program is designed to reach a limited number of selected students, provide them with more individualized instruction, and offer support for an extended period of time.


Program Goals:

  • Thorough employment preparation for our students
  • Locate employers with work opportunities
  • Successful job placement
  • Regular follow-up
  • Effective use of short-term support services
  • 90+ days of successful employment

If you would like additional information about the TPP program please contact Bill Perry, our Employment Specialist, at  or call (805)869-8031. The Transition Partnership Program operates on-campus at each of the Simi High Schools. You can also visit our website here.


Bill Perry


Employment Specialist